Palisade Gates & Products

Pale Profiles

Sticks can be sold separately or in a bundle (10x)
The following pale profiles are available:

Swallow Tail

Available lengths: 100mm to 2.4m (3 meter custom option available)

Crown / 3 Spikes

Available lengths: 300mm to 2.4m (3 meter custom option available)

Super Spike

Available lengths: 300mm to 2.4m (3 meter custom option available)

Seven Spike

Available lengths: 300mm to 2.4m (3 meter custom option available)

Flat Bottom

V-Punched Bottom

*Only for Swallow Tail

Loose Palisade Pales

Our loose pales are made from top grade hot rolled angles iron. Loose Pales are available in many sizes from 25 x 25 x 2 mm up to 50 x 50 x 3mm.

  • We offer a variety of palisade profiles: Swallow Tail (2 point), Crown (3 point), Super Seven or Seven Spike (7 point).
  • The thickness of the material is standard 2mm (we can also provide 2.5mm and 3.0mm according to customer specifications).
  • All pales come standard as Swallow Tail (2 Spike) with a ‘V’ round bottom or Crown (3 Spike) or Super 7 and Spike with a flat bottom.
  • Pales range from 250mm – 3 000mm depending on your needs. Swallow tail can go down to 100mm units length.

Fully Assembled Palisade Fencing

Palisade panels are available in 25 x 25mm angles up to a 50 x 50mm angle in various heights. Panels consist of the Econo 17-stick, the Popular 19-stick and the Executive 21-stick.

This is a very strong fence and is known for its very sharp edge on the inside of the “V” shape punch. Our panels are not welded onto the front, but placed into a “V-Shape” punched 40mm angle to ensure extra strength.

All fully assembled panels come standard in 3m lengths.

Custom jobs also welcome. Contact us for a quote or more info.

V-Punched Fence Bearers

Bearers are manufactured from 40x40x2mm , 40x40x3mm as well as 50x50x3mm angles.

Bearers Pitch come in 17 stick (166mm), 19 stick (150) and 21 stick (136mm).

Contact us for a quote or more info.

Sliding and Swing Gates

Sliding Gates

Our sliding gates are made from 76 x 38mm rectangular tubing to make movement easier.

All our gates are made with top grade 25x25x2mm, 30x30x2mm and 40x40x2mm angles inserted into a 76x38x1.6mm frame.

Gates come standard painted with a base coat of red oxide. Gates are available in Swallow Tail, Crown, Super Seven and Seven Spike.

Gate lengths start 3 meter up to 6 meter and heights from 1.5 meter up to 3 meter. Custom sizes available on request.

Gates are fitted with a heavy duty wheel kit 60mm or 80mm respectively.

Contact us for a quote or more info.

Sliding Pedestrian Gates

All our gates can be fitted with a pedestrian gate. An ultra lock is also optional. Pedestrian gates are fitted with heavy duty butterfly hinges. Both these options has extra charge.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, a swing gate can be combined on to the sliding gate or bought separately.

Contact us for a quote or more info.

Square Posts

Posts are manufactured from 76x 76 Tube in 1.6mm or  2mm thickness. All our posts are capped with Pyramid caps. Other Tube sizes available as well as a variety of cap option.

Posts come standard in 2.4 meter.

Contact us for a quote or more info.

Gate Tracks

Our gate tracks are manufactured from 75 x 50 x 3mm Lip Channels and fitted with a 12mm or 16mm round bar.

Tracks come in standard 6 meter lengths.

Contact us for a quote or more info.

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