Raw & Retail

Buy it – Cut it – Weld it – Grind it – Paint it

BHL&J Steel supplies a huge range of light and structural section to the construction-, manufacturing-, commercial- industries as well as farmers across Limpopo. Working hand in hand, our in-house fabrication facility is actively involved in producing a host of ‘add on’ services to meet our clients’ increasing needs.

Saw cutting, welding, drilling & punching are everyday services we carry out before giving the manufactured item that finishing coat of paint. Most of our projects are made with mild steel –although other options are available. For all your enquiries, please contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist and advise.

Mild steel is sometimes referred to as carbon steel or plain steel. Typically, it is stiff and strong. Mild steels rust if not treated, but they can easily be painted or primed. They are more economically priced which makes them the preferred choice for most fabrications.

Mild Steel can be cut with ease to meet your custom requirements. It can also be drilled or machined comfortably by using the correct equipment. Mild steel is particularly suited to MiG or Tic welding.

Equal Angles

Mild Steel Equal Angle (EA), also known as Angles, is kept in stock for our day to day manufacturing or retail for same day collection.

Mild Steel Angle is a length of steel or iron that is bent at a right angle, commonly used for making frames, racks and for construction purposes.

We stock Equal Angles, ranging in a variety of sizes. Angle size differ from 25, 30, 40 and 50 and come in 6m lengths or 7.2m lengths. Mostly we stock 2mm thickness and on some items we have a 2.5mm and 3mm in stock –  all can be cut to meet your exact requirements.

Angle can be used for various applications including to make frames, racks, shelves, brackets and general fabrications.

Steel angles are very strong but they can be easily cut. We supply a large range of abrasive cutting disks.

In order to increase corrosion resistance, we recommend either to painting or galvanising after fabrication. Alternatively, we also supply red oxide base paints.

Square & Rectangular Tubing

Tubing’s can either be Square or Rectangular, depending on which you require. They are frequently used for general fabrication and construction.

Both square and rectangular tubing’s are stocked in 6m lengths – and can be cut exactly to your measurements.

All tube diameters section dimensions are outside measurements. In order to increase corrosion resistance, we recommend painting after fabrication.

Square- and Round Bar

Mild Steel Square Bar is mainly used for grill fencing, fabrications and as an engineering component.

Mild Steel Round Bar is used for making security burglar bars, security doors as well as used for support in construction. It is commonly stocked in 6m lengths, but can be cut down to suit your requirements.

Lip Channels

Lip channels are predominantly used as a structural component when erecting or constructing buildings and structures. This has also lead to lip channels quite often being referred to as purlins. Though this may be the main use, cold formed steel lip channels are used for other industries such as racking and shelving, trailer manufacturing and many more uses.

Pole Caps

We stock steel and PVC pole caps. Our range of steel pole caps are manufactured in-house. We offer square-, round- and pyramid- and flat steel pole caps. We also stock a range of plastic PVC pole caps.

Our standard stock range is available for same day collection or next-day delivery and we can also assist with any custom enquiries that you may have relating to pole caps.

Product Uses

Pole caps are mainly used to close off open ends of posts. They are available in standard sizes to match round or square metal tubes, our product will fit nicely onto your posts whether they are coated or uncoated. The PVC versions are flexible and offer a very forgiving fit, while the steel caps can be welded onto a post.

IPE Sections

IPE Sections are I-beams with a parallel flange. IPE Standard Sections are similar to universal beams or I-beams with an I-shaped cross-section.  It is typically hot-rolled and widely used in the construction industry. The dimensions and weights are set by SABS norms.

We are Dedicated to Local Steel

We serve EVERYONE from private individuals with once-off requirements to general builders,
engineers and fabricators
throughout the entire Limpopo region.
Open from 7:30 am until 4.30 pm Monday to Friday,
our sales team are here to help and await your call.

Off the Shelf

Our ‘off the shelf’ service allows customers to
call in, order, pay for and collect their requirements
in one short visit.
Alternatively, materials can be delivered to site on a pre-arranged day.
For more complex of requirements, technical drawings can be
hand delivered, emailed or faxed prior to quotation.
When final details have been agreed and payment made our fabrication department
will carry out the required work before final collection/delivery.