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Gate Hardware


Need to hang a gate? No problem, we offer hinges suitable for decorative and industrial applications. We have a large range of hinges available to choose from.

You are guaranteed to find a suitable hinge from our extensive range to apply to your security gate or for your next DIY project. We offer Heavy duty Butterfly hinges that have been double pressed and are generally used for welding onto steel doors and gates. We also offer dropside hinges, parliament hinges, long drop side hinges and loads more.


We offer a wide variety of lugs with various size options are available to you.

Letters & Numerals

We supply a range of Laser Cut Letters and Numerals, a very easy way to add a unique touch to any decorative ironwork project. Various sizes and styles can be made by order.

Twisted Bars

We supply a large range of Twisted Bars – a visually attractive material used in the fabrication of decorative ironwork projects.

*Can be welded.


The small Ultra-Lock is the most popular swing security gate lock in South Africa. It operates with a 38 mm internal iron padlock. The large Ultra-Lock and E-Lock is also very popular products and are extensively used in the security gate market. Each lock includes 3 keys.

The Ultra-Lock mostly forms part of security gates – it has a metal finish that can be welded and provides medium to high security.

Our range of weld-in Ultra-Locks are designed to be securely welded into any gate frame, with a range of sizes to match the design of your gate and the level of security you require.

The Ultra-Lock includes key-open only gate locks with a traditional deadlocks pin to close. The Ultra Lock range features a reliable locking system and is available in both small and large. For heavy-duty requirements, we recommend our weld in lock with vertical bolts also known as the E-Lock.

The Ultra-Lock is a very easy and convenient way to incorporate a lock into a metal gate or a steel fabrication. Weld the lock case into the gate, paint as part of the gate and fit the locking mechanism afterwards.

When choosing your lock, make sure the hardware is suitable for the weight and material of your gate. If you require any assistance with our weld-in lock range, please contact us today.

Why choose Ultra-Lock?
  • Distinctive square shape
  • Very quick and easy to adjust
  • You can choose the correct lock to suit the customer’s requirements.
  • Fits well into traditional and contemporary gate styles.
  • This ensures long lasting, smooth closing action

Base Plates

Big or small – we do them all! Heavy steel plates the way you want it.

Whatever kind of metal base plate you need, at BHL&J Steel Services we have exactly what you are looking for. Every conceivable grade, any size, any thickness. Almost always ex stock. Unusual specifications or heavy weights are manufactured by order.

Customization is our middle name.

You receive the plates exactly as you ordered them. Ready to be integrated into your project. We will cut the plates to size and punch or drill holes, as required. You supply the drawing – we manufacture.

Punching of holes on baseplates can be done on the following sizes (additional charge):

10mm , 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 50mm, 63mm, 76mm, 85mm, 90mm, 110mm, etc.

Ways to use them

Base Plate

Base plates are used as a support for columns coming off a concrete pad or foundation. To ensure longevity and stability, it is essential to leave a gap of around 20 – 30 mm between the concrete and the steel plate, which can be achieved using shims and wedges. This gap will then need to be filled by packing a dry mixture of concrete, also known as a dry-pack, into the gap.

End Plate

An end plate is used to anchor the end of a beam to the wall and is also part of the ‘End plate connection’.

End Plate Connection

This type of connection is used to join a column to a beam or another beam to a flange.

Exterior Acrylic Paint & Oxide

You can’t buy a better paint for less.
Premium Satin Roof Acrylic

A premium acrylic coating with excellent adhesion to galvanized steel, asbestos cement and cement roof tiles. Formulated to meet the specification of S.A.N. 940:2005.

Various Colours Available, UV Shield, Fungal Shield and 12 Year+ Life Span Expectancy.

Available Pack Sizes:
1ltr, 5ltr, 20ltr.

Grey & Red Oxide (anti-rust primer)

A quick drying primer for spray or dipping application. We have an environmental friendly water base option always in stock. Also available is the Quick Dry range that needs to be thinned with QD thinners

Available Pack Sizes:
1ltr, 5ltr, 20ltr, 200ltr

Grinding / Cutting Discs

Tork Craft

Tork Craft is our main house brand. The Tork Craft brand is a leader in the field of power tool accessories. A quality brand that will work successfully with all other brands of power tools.

Cutting Disc Metal & SS

Manufactured from high quality Resin and Corundum. Designed for steel cutting only.

A steel cutting disc is used for:

  • Mild steel cutting
  • Car body panel work
  • Stainless steel cutting
  • Metal cutting
Cutting Disc Industrial Metal

Manufactured from high quality Resin and Corundum. Designed for multi-purpose cutting.

An industrial cutting disc is used for:

  • A60 TBF
  • MPA – 03789
  • MAX 13300/Min
  • Masonry
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Multi-purpose cutting
Grinding Disk for Steel

Manufactured from high quality Resin and Corundum. Designed for metal grinding only.

A grinding disc for steel is used for:

  • Smoothing welds
  • Pipe bevelling
  • Cleaning weld beads
  • Dressing metal surface defects

Cleaning / Sanding / Grinding Discs

Tork Craft

Tork Craft is our main house brand. The Tork Craft brand is a leader in the field of power tool accessories. A quality brand that will work successfully with all other brands of power tools.

Flap Disc Non-woven

The non-woven discs fit on an angle grinder and is used for cleaning/light deburring materials.

The Non-woven discs are available in:

  • MEDIUM – Red
  • FINE – Blue
  • EXTRA FINE – Grey
Flap Sanding Disc

The flap disc is flexible and will tend to follow the contours of whatever you are grinding. Apply light pressure when finishing welds.

  • SIZE: Ø115
  • GRIT: P120
  • SURFACE: Flat

Welding Rods

Premium Super 7 E6013 Welding Electrode

Super7 E6103 is a high quality rutile coated general purpose electrode for welding in all positions. SUPER 7 E6013 has low spatter and smoke, the initial strike and re-strike is excellent. The slag is easily detached from fillet and butt welds, in most cases is self-lifting. The weld appearance is excellent.

AWS A5.1 E6013
SABS 455 E4313/0315

Ornamental Gate & Fence Cuttings

Ornamental fences are not just about making a boundary or keeping animals out of the garden – they make a visual statement of their own and they can be an important focal point in a garden or home.

Ornamental fence styles vary from traditional to sleek and modern, while modern manufacturing technologies allow classic styles to be adapted.

Choose Your Design

Ornamental steel cuttings are very practical and versatile. It can be bent into all kinds of shapes and designs. It is also one of the easiest ornaments to weld.

Slag, which is typically the nemesis of a clean weld, is not present in our cuttings. Our cuttings offer a clean and modern look that is quite popular for interior gates and even outdoor fences and garden gates.

The most typical choice for a metal gate. Keep in mind that metal gates can be painted, therefor the final look is truly up to you.

Why Choose Our Ornamental Cuttings?

We are the perfect starting point for your gate or fencing project because we offer:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Consistent Quality
  • Strength and Durability
  • Reduced need for secondary operations
  • Customisation
  • Stock on Hand