Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled VS. Cold Formed and Hot Formed


Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled VS. Cold Formed and Hot Formed

Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled VS. Cold Formed and Hot Formed, The misconception

There is a large misconception in the market and across all industries in South Africa regarding the terms cold and hot rolled and cold and hot formed. The difference in the terms is simple yet confusing.

Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled Products refers to the type of steel used during the manufacturing process. The difference between the two lies in the material that the profile was manufactured or rolled from. Hot Rolled material is material that is formed when the steel is above its re-crystallization temperature while Cold Rolled material is formed when the temperature of the steel is below its re-crystallization temperature. Steel profiles can be manufactured from a variety of materials including Cold Rolled Mild Steel, Hot Rolled Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Pre Galvanized Steel etc.

Cold Formed Steel and Hot Formed Steel refers to the process that the end product underwent to be formed. This can also be referred to as Hot- or Cold Worked Steel.

At BHL & J we make use of hot rolled materials.

  • Price

If you are looking into using hot rolled steel on your project, you will have to take the price of the steel into consideration.  One of the downsides to using hot rolled steel over hot cold formed steel is the higher price.

Hot rolled steel is easier to work with and manipulate. This is because the steel is heated up to such a level that it easily bends, rolls and can be cut. This makes the process faster. On the other hand, cold rolled steel is harder to work with and manipulate. This means it takes more time to shape and form.

If you have a tight budget you are working with, hot rolled steel may not fit into the budget.

  • Inability to Change the Width of the Steel

A disadvantage to hot rolled steel is that you don’t have the ability to change the width where with cold form your materials is sometimes thinner and thus not as strong as the steel that you are working with. As such, when the hot rolling technique is being utilized, it is important to use the appropriate width of steel sheets. Unfortunately, if a warehouse doesn’t have those in stock, they have to wait to get them in, which can delay the construction of your building. Or, if you need a unique or abnormal steel thickness, you may not be able to go with cold rolling.

Pros of Hot Rolled Steel

  • Stronger

One of the major advantages to hot rolling steel is that the steel is up to 20 percent stronger when compared to cold formed steel. This is because using heat to roll steel strenthens the steel. When you subject the steel to hot temperatures, it keeps its structural integrity, which can make it stronger. This peace of mind may be well worth the additional cost.

While cold rolled steel may cost a little bit less, you get a structure that is weaker as well,

  • Has a More Desirable Surface Finish

The other benefit to hot rolled steel is that it has a more desirable surface finish. Hot rolled steel looks better than cold form steel. This is one of the main reasons why hot rolled steel is the preferred technique for steel finishes.

Deciding between cold rolled and hot rolled steel is a big decision. However, taking the time to learn about these two building materials can help you decide which is the better product for your construction project.

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